Louis Lachenal 20 button C/G Anglo  #1950 circa 1864

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This is an early Louis Lachenal Anglo concertina made around 1864 which was probably in the first two years of the company's Anglo production. Although Louis died in 1861 the company, subsequently run by his widow, Elizabeth, only became Lachenal & Co in 1874. Distinctive features are the simplicity of the fretworking which is restricted to the edge of the rosewood ends leaving a blank centre, combined with numbered buttons. As would be expected  for an early concertina, the ends are secured with wood srews rather than the bolts seen in later instruments.


Historical context: 1864 

  • American Civil War continues.
  • First fish and chips shop opens in London.
  • First Geneva Convention: The International Red Cross is founded.
  • Abraham Lincoln is reelected U.S. president.
  • John Wisden publishes the first edition of his Cricketer's Almanack.


    keys:     C/G

    tuned to modern pitch: NO

    reeds:   brass

    ends:   rosewood

    buttons: bone

    bellows:  5 fold

    box: Leatherette covered softwood

    general condition:  unrestored

    for sale:  NO

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